Sennek is one of the leading independent wholesaler in Finland and in the Nordic Countries. Within 10 years we have established a comprehensive distribution network. Our strength is in working with established brands and joining them with the most fitting retailers.

Our current representation includes Adidas fitness equipment, Everlast fitness equipment, apparel, footwear, Guess athleasure, beach wear, underwear, Ellesse apparel, footwear, accessories, Nautica apparel, footwear, accessories, Beachbody fitness apparel, Levi’s kid’s-, Brütting-, Relife-, Polecat-, Gulliver – shoes, Nutramino & Optimum Nutrition-, GAAM nutrition products and our underwear and socks division is having large variety from brands: KTM underwear, socks, Pierre Cardin underwear, Black&Decker socks and Freegun swimwear, underwear.